Discharge messages

Jon Hall presents the discharge tree

Here is our discharge tree. I guess the first main point we should address is it's not a tree and the name has been changed to farewell thoughts! We have a few main reasons for this. We had several complains from patients that they were more likely to be transferred to the acute ward and did consider it a discharge themselves and some simply didn't like the name. So we decided to put it to them what they would like. Over a several patient coffee morning we all spent time thinking of a new name. Farewell thoughts was decided upon. The trouble then was the name didn't go with the tree. During further coffee morning discussions we decided to remove the tree and and after a series of ideas the thought bubbles were decided on! Various colours and sizes available if patients don't wish to make their own.
And the farewell thoughts was developed!!
From a staff point of view we have developed a folder with as shown in photos and added our patient discharge questionnaire to the pack so everything is in one place!
As a result of all the hard work we've had lots of compliments from patients, visitors and staff members