South London and the Maudsley (2)

South London and Maudsley - Care Delivery Mark 2


The beautiful spring sunshine was a backdrop to a session with three new wards in SLaM getting to grips with Safewards. The wards are cohort 2 of SLaM’s care Delivery System roll out, which includes Safewards.

The 3 wards and the SW interventions they are going to start with are:

Heather Close in Lewisham that is starting with” Know Each Other” and “Mutual help Meeting”

Ruskin Ward in the Maudsley which is starting with “Clear Mutual Expectations” and “Talk Down”

Acorn Lodge is a children’s (Age 4-12) unit at the Bethlem and they are looking to adapt “Talk Down" and "Discharge Messages”. The ward has a family flat and is thinking of a brilliant adaptation in Discharge Messages for the families who stay there.

I know there was a queery from Jerry Reeves in Birmingham and at the City University seminar in January about Child and Adolescent services, so very keen to see how Acorn Lodge gets on with model and interventions.